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Pastel One made on nanoloop 2 by Pulsing

"Pastel One is about little sounds, and dancing, a little bit or a lot. Pastel One is about being joyful, and thinking about the soft things that can't hurt us. Your best friend's lip curling into a tiny smile. That time you got a little lick on the cheek from your favourite pup. A time to be alive and to breathe deep.

All tracks made using a Game Boy Advance SP, nanoloop 2, and a Korg Kaoss Pad Mini."

PTE074 release page

Nerdcore from Pulsing x VoidDweller!

"Pulsing is back again, this time with noise rap MC, VoidDweller - they wrote a nerdcore collab EP with all-LSDj tracks x raps and screams! High intensity beats and bars about video games, enough to make your brain explode!"

PTE073 release page

Pulsing returns with Tomorrow the World

"This release is heavily influenced by post-rock bands as well as by RPG soundtracks. Tomorrow the World is a four part LSDJ concept album that follows the first day of a hero's journey and the events and emotions they experience.

The Dawn, The Village
The Morning, The Path
The Evening, The Encounter
Tomorrow, The World"

- Pulsing

PTE072 release page
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