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Abinox by lpower

It's been a good while since lpower released any new music, but it was worth the wait. Abinox is a complete study of 16-bit era video game soundtracks, played through a 'dream team' of retro synths.  You haven't heard 16-bit chiptune until you've heard this album.

PTE039 release page

"lpower is back with his most absorbing release to date - Abinox.

The compositions here are longer, moodier and feature more minimalist concepts than his previous works. The Canadian composer wanted to examine and explore how 16-bit video game soundtracks were put together in the old days, and he assembled a 'super setup' of nostalgic chips and synths (TurboGrafx-16, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, NES, OSCar synth, Yamaha DX7) with which to do so. The music on Abinox does not always loop, allowing lpower more freedom than usual to study the emotions of in-game progression, the ups and downs, victories and failures. So rather than focus on a specific storyline or genre, Abinox is actually a game soundtrack about game soundtracks."
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