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Pterodactyl Squad's 1st birthday brings a new release from Army of 2600

It's been one year to the day since Pterodactyl Squad first took flight, so to celebrate we bring you PTE016, the self-titled release from Atari artist, Army of 2600.

"Harnessing the myriad of dark sounds and textures eminating from his black plastic box, Army of 2600 crafts shadowy soundscapes, reminiscent of system glitches and lost transmissions. Drawing upon everything from outer space to John Carpenter soundtracks for inspiration, this release is one for all the hardcore bleepheads out there."

PTE016 release page

Proper Atari!

The Palaeobet

Take a look at this cool little dinosaur-themed piece of art, the Palaeobet, by Rosemary Mosco.  Especially check out Q for Quetzalcoatlus, part of the pterosuar family.

Via Geekdad.

Also, be on the lookout for some new releases here on Pterodactyl Squad soon.  We're about to add a couple more artists to the Squad, and there's talk of a compilation release as well... 

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