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New soundtrack release from NESMETAL

"In the first of 3 releases, NESMETAL presents the opening chapter of the soundtrack to Ordimary Nan, a faux RPG game, much in the vein of the Final Fantasy series."

Ordimary Nan was a concept for an RPG game born from the mind of NESMETAL, and then developed into a deep storyline and soundtrack. The whole storyline for the tracks on this release will soon be made available on ptesquad.com, but for now, enjoy the music of Ordimary Nan OST [Disc 1] and look forward to Discs 2 and 3.

PTE022 release page

Also, music from lpower and Spheres of Chaos from Pterodactyl Squad releases was recently played on Episode 47 of the Gamewave Podcast - the first episode Joe has recorded himself in a year and a half. Go listen at gamewavepodcast.com!

Game Music 4 All website relaunch

Our good friends Game Music 4 All have just relaunched their shiny, new and very purple website. As well as continuing to provide you with news and reviews of video game inspired music from all over the world (and the occasional article from Joe), Game Music 4 All have just announced the launch of GM4A Records, their very own netlabel, which is now home for the numerous compilations they've released in the past (featuring various Pterodactyl Squad artists) as well as brand new releases from other artists. The GM4A forums have also made a return - go take a look!
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