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Luminous by NESMETAL

Check out PTE014 - the new full-length release from NESMETAL!

"The long-awaited Luminous is now finally available through Pterodactyl Squad! Here, NESMETAL's hybrid of the video game sound and metal stylings climbs to new heights, soaring across a spectrum of powerful moods and tones. From the haunting opening of When All Is Silent until the ending climax of Time Waits For No One, Luminous is packed full of NESMETAL's trademark pounding rhythms and epic 8-bit melodies.

Also included in this release are two re-workings of older NESMETAL tracks which fans are likely to be familiar with. First is Ages Lost 2002, a piece originally created for the Ages Lost RPG project, along with a new version of Embrace or Deny from the Invitation EP."

Luminous release page
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