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Ridin' with the Squad
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More podcasts

Monographic Podcast is a podcast showcasing different netlabels from around the world, and Pterodactyl Squad recently had a whole episode dedicated to us. Check out the website or subscribe to the feed for a bunch of Squad tunes.

Spheres of Chaos were also recently played on the GeekDad HipTrax podcast and Pterodactyl Squad got a quick mention. Subscribe to this fun podcast here.

And look out for a new release sometime soon!

Radio Free Hipster

Pterodactyl Squad recently got a mention on Radio Free Hipster! Hosted by Z. of Hipster, please!, Radio Free Hipster is a podcast playing a variety of awesome geeky music, and this week's show featured Megafauna by our very own Spheres of Chaos. Go ahead and check it out!
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