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King Keytan's Summer Forever EP

The show we put on as part of Please Lose Battle's tour last weekend was a LOT of fun. Check out the photos from the gig on our Facebook page.

One of the guys who supported Please Lose Battle that night was King Keytan, and we're pleased to announce the release of a brand new EP from him! It's called Summer Forever and it's got a unique style all of its own.

"This is the music robots hear when they fall in love. This is a new kind of chiptune. This is King Keytan's debut on the Squad and we're pretty excited about it."

PTE053 release page

Bedroom EP by Please Lose Battle!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded our ELO tribute, especially those who made a donation through Bandcamp - it was quite a success!

Well now it's time for something new from one of the contributors to that tribute - it's the new EP from Please Lose Battle! We're releasing this in time for PLB's upcoming tour, which includes shows in France, Belgium and the UK. In fact, Pterodactyl Squad are hosting the date in Sheffield and you should definitely come out if you're in the area: www.facebook.com/events/303993143136583/.

"A mere 10 months after their debut EP, French chiptuners, Please Lose Battle return with another set of rad 2A03 rockers. Opening with the cutesy Rocket Shoes, the mood then devolves into something more frantic and on edge, culminating in the huge-sounding fifth track, Eleven O'Clock.

And if you think these tunes sound great as they are, just wait till you hear them live with bass, drums and visuals - PLB are about to head out on their Bedroom Tour which passes through France, Belgium and the UK!

For those not lucky enough to catch them live, check out the official music vid for Rocket Shoes here."

PTE052 release page

8-bit ELO tribute

There's a lot going on at Squad HQ right now, and this Saturday we're going to be releasing a tribute we've been working on for a while now - this one is an 8-bit tribute to Electric Light Orchestra, AKA ELO! It will feature chiptune covers from a few long-time Squad members alongside a couple of newcomers and rad artwork from David Mauro. And after the success of the listening party for Ramyn King's Teal Album back in July, jmr will be hosting another one for the ELO tribute this Saturday on Arecibo Radio (October 25th, 17:00 EDT)! More info can be found on the Facebook event page.

And we've already mentioned the Please Lose Battle show we're putting on in Sheffield on November 15th, but the day before Joe will also be travelling to Edinburgh to play a Pterodactyl Squad DJ set at Please Lose Battle's Edinburgh date (FB event page). The lineup for that one, like the Sheffield show, is pretty special so make sure to come down if you're in the area!
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