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Pulsing returns with Tomorrow the World

"This release is heavily influenced by post-rock bands as well as by RPG soundtracks. Tomorrow the World is a four part LSDJ concept album that follows the first day of a hero's journey and the events and emotions they experience.

The Dawn, The Village
The Morning, The Path
The Evening, The Encounter
Tomorrow, The World"

- Pulsing

PTE072 release page

Run From Reality by Hide Your Tigers!

Welcome Hide Your Tigers from Las Vegas!

"Hide Your Tigers joins the Squad with this 6-track EP of four to the floor, pumping LSDj party-starters. Having created a signature sound one might describe as "thick and bassy", these tracks have a firm and unwavering intent to get your feet tapping and your legs slapping."

PTE071 release page

Forever Ago by EvilWezil

EvilWezil released Requiem For A Dying Star all the way back on PTE035; double that number and you get his new album, Forever Ago! Definitely something for fans of chip music + vocals!

"These ancient belabored melodies have finally escaped the vault of obscurity that they have haunted for years. Woe betide the unfortunate listeners whose souls are burdened by these maddening waveforms.

This minimal effort marks the first addition of maniacal vocals and electric autoharp to EvilWezil's gameboy transmissions. No apologies or explanations were given as to why these songs sat unpublished for so long. The reasons behind his long absence and subsequent return from the void remain unknown."

PTE070 release page
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