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Forever Ago by EvilWezil

EvilWezil released Requiem For A Dying Star all the way back on PTE035; double that number and you get his new album, Forever Ago! Definitely something for fans of chip music + vocals!

"These ancient belabored melodies have finally escaped the vault of obscurity that they have haunted for years. Woe betide the unfortunate listeners whose souls are burdened by these maddening waveforms.

This minimal effort marks the first addition of maniacal vocals and electric autoharp to EvilWezil's gameboy transmissions. No apologies or explanations were given as to why these songs sat unpublished for so long. The reasons behind his long absence and subsequent return from the void remain unknown."

PTE070 release page

Ramyn King returns to the Squad as cetera!

Take a trip inside the twisted and hilarious mind of cetera on III: The Mossy Album. Seriously, it's hard to write about this release - just listen! Apparently it's coming out on cassette soon too!

"This album is a boldly singular work in tribute to that soft green, leafless plant which grows like nature's carpet in damp conditions around the world. Synth rock, chiptune, bizarro dream pop, product IDs and news reports combine to bryophytic effect in a release that has to be heard to be believed."

PTE069 release page

The Sky Runner EP by Pulsing

It's only been one week since we put out our last release, but here's another - The Sky Runner EP by Pulsing!

Also make sure to check out if Pulsing is heading to a city near you (in the USA) cos he's heading out on tour on Friday!

"In 1991, at the age of 3, Alex received his first Game Boy as a gift to keep him busy on the plane ride to see his brother. Today, 26 years later, he uses that very same DMG and three others to create Pulsing.

From Cedar Falls, Iowa, Pulsing delivers energetic 8-bit chiptune, pulling influences from EDM and punk rock to craft tight melodies and heavy bass grooves. But in the end, Pulsing is about having fun and keeping that smile on your face."

PTE068 release page
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