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Sheffield chiptune show

So not only do we have possibly our best run of releases ever planned for the next month or so, we're also putting on a chiptune show in Sheffield as part of Please Lose Battle's UK tour. Performing alongside these French wonders will be Comptroller, HarleyLikesMusic and Sky Pope, so if you're in the north of England come and party with us - both Joe and Ross will be there!

Facebook event page

And look out for Please Lose Battle's brand new EP dropping just before the tour starts.

Blazing Force from lpower!

We've teamed up once again with Telefuture to bring you something brand new from lpower - this time it's a slow-burning faux soundtrack using plenty of spacey sounds from the YM2612 (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis FM chip).

PTE051 release page
Buy the CD through Telefuture
See the teaser video

""You wake up after some time having been asleep, drugged, or unconscious. Your ship, Blazing Force, has been damaged through the battle."

Drawing from the distinct genre of shmups in both sound and aesthetic, lpower has created a work that balances the euphoria of space with its unavoidable sense of desolation. Based around samples from the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Blazing Force sounds smooth and clinical like only the YM2612 can. There's an underlying uneasiness to all this though - not surprising when you remember you're all alone in space..."

And if you're wondering why we've skipped catalogue number PTE050, we're saving it for a special tribute compilation we've been working on for a while now. More info on that and lpower's Abinox III will be coming shortly.

We pay tribute to Weezer again

We weren't lying when we said we had a summer of rad releases planned: next is The Teal Album from Ramyn King. Fans of Weezer or Mega Man should definitely grab this, but the songs are so well written that you don't need to like either of those things to be honest! Check it out - you won't be disappointed.

PTE049 release page

"It's been five summers since Pterodactyl Squad released Weezer - The 8-bit Album, a landmark chiptune tribute. Now it's time for the Squad to pay tribute to the same band once again, this time with an outstanding seven-track EP from Ramyn King. Fusing the musical and lyrical stylings of old-school Weezer with melodies from the Mega Man series, The Teal Album is truly something special - 50% Weezer, 50% Mega Man, 100% rad."

There's also a listening party for this release taking place tomorrow evening  (July 5th) on the Open Circuit show on Arecibo Radio. All the details can be found on the event page - see you there?
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