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New Pterodactyl Squad release from Betamod's Player Two

Finally, Player Two joins the Squad! Check out his new 6-track EP, Junior Varsity.

PTE047 release page

"This EP represents the fulfilment of a plan a long time in the making. The original idea for Pterodactyl Squad was actually born from conversations between Player Two and Joe Allen after the collapse of the Mega Twerp netlabel. Yet, for a number of reasons, Player Two never made a release with the Squad, until now.

Slaving away in his personal studio with NES samples and using the smarts gained from countless nights of DJing in the clubs of St. Louis (as well as a healthy dose of inspiration from Daft Punk), Player Two is plugged into your system and ready to jam some house."

Junior Varsity will be up on our Bandcamp page very soon, and for more 8-bit music make sure to check out Player Two's very own netlabel, Betamod.
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