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New release from Weave of K.

Pterodactyl Squad present Short Attention Fan, a rad, spaced-out EP from Weave of K., a recent addition to the Squad.

"Grabbing patches of sound from various Atari 2600 carts and circuit bent toys, Weave of K. crafts soundtracks to outer space trips. The multiple changes and moods within his music represent a person with a spry mind and a short attention span, but the true beauty of Weave of K. is revealed when you take a deeper look at the lush textures and sounds within."

PTE023 release page

Changes to the website

Our web pterodactyl has recently been hard at work making some changes to the website. All the content has stayed the same but a couple of things have changed location. If you're subscribed to the Atom feed you should now be automatically re-directed to the new feed location, but if you're experiencing any problems, re-subscribe at http://ptesquad.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default. Also, be on the lookout for a new release from a brand new artist very soon...

Rivers Cuomo's reaction to Pterodactyl Squad's 8-bit Weezer tribute

GamesRadar recently interviewed Weezer frontman, Rivers Cuomo on their podcast where the guys talked about gaming in the 80s and Weezer's new album, as well as playing music from and mentioning Pterodactyl Squad's 8-bit Weezer tribute. Good news, we're not gonna get sued! Check out episode 86 of TalkRadar to hear the interview.

We're late on posting this, but the Weezer tribute album was also recently featured in the the 'Top 20 Nerdy THINGS' list of 2009, compiled by the Nerdy Show podcast. The list "doesn't focus on one particular medium, genre - the one criteria is that everything has a nerd-centric quality about it". Head on over to the Nerdy Show website and listen to Episode 18, where the guys discuss their top 20 in between their favourite nerdy music, including music from the tribute album.
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