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arcadecoma. mini-release over at Bandcamp

Half of the duo behind Pterodactyl Squad, arcadecoma. recently released a single comprised of a couple of covers from two favourite games of his youth. The A-side is an arcadecoma.-esque cover of the rockin' Opening Theme from Road Avenger for the Sega CD, while the B-side is the theme from Wonder Boy. Go grab the single for free over at arcadecoma.'s Bandcamp page.

Ant Attack OST from Bit_Rat

It's been a little quiet around these parts lately, but fear not - as always we're working behind the scenes to bring you some amazing projects over the coming months. And today we have a new soundtrack release from a brand new artist to the Squad - Canada's Bit_Rat.

The release is the original soundtrack to a game for the iPhone called Ant Attack, released in October last year by Broken Kings, where Bit_Rat is part of the development team. Go purchase the game here, and look out for more music from Bit_Rat in the near future.

"Pterodactyl Squad presents the original soundtrack to Ant Attack, a NES-style action/arcade game developed by Broken Kings for the iPhone. Written by Bit_Rat, who also handled all art responsibilities on Ant Attack, this release includes two unreleased tracks not to be found in the game.

"Ant Attack brings you to the forefront of the battle against the world's bugs!

All that you want to do is to have an innocent picnic, but the smell of food is just too much for the nearby ant nests to resist! Wave after wave of ants come to try and eat your food. Stop them by squishing them with your finger!

Advanced Ant-Combatant technology has been developed for your use - merely drag them onto the screen to purchase them!

-9 enemy types
-5 traps to purchase
-3 levels in each of 2 different game modes
-Classic NES/Arcade style graphics and audio""

PTE024 release page
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