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Superhero EP by R-Sunset

We welcome R-Sunset to the Squad along with his new EP! The Superhero EP is a rad mix of electronic and rock elements, and you can be on the look out for more from this young Russian artist.

"Inspired by a love of Sega Mega Drive and Marvel comics, R-Sunset took the theme of superheroes as a basis for this EP. Electronica and electric guitar; pulsating beats and calm, chilled-out sequences; retro samples and glimpses of sounds of the future. The various contrasts here reflect the internal struggle between human and superhuman which every superhero must face."

PTE033 release page

Star Worlds: A Pocket Full of Tokens and I'm Heading to the Arcade

Music from the Squad's back catalogue is often used in various video-game themed projects, and one recent example of this is a documentary called Star Worlds: A Pocket Full of Tokens and I'm Heading to the Arcade. The film features music from arcadecoma. and tells the story of Star Worlds Arcade (Illinois, USA) and the community that now surrounds this famous gaming destination. You can see the trailer here and follow the film's progress through its Facebook page. The doc has been shown at film festivals in the USA and will soon be available on DVD.
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