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Brand new self-titled EP from Please Lose Battle

We left it a while between releases this time, but we're back with a bang to kick off 2014! We've got the debut release from Please Lose Battle, a French duo who write music for the NES sound chip, and they add bass and drums when they play live. Check out a video of them in action here, and then check out the EP.

PTE046 release page

"This debut EP from Please Lose Battle is a tribute to childhood gaming and the emotions we experienced back then: distraction, frustration, joy, impatience...

Everything here was made using FamiTracker with 2A03 + N163 or VRC6 (there is no DPCM channel, except for the effects at the end of the final track). The goal was to explore the possibilities and restrictions of a unique tool, in turn challenging musical creativity and songwriting."
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