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Abinox III by lpower

It's finally here: the third and final installment in the Abinox series! Wow, lpower has really pushed himself this time - this is basically a full hour of atmospheric chiptune that never lets up. Remember you can check out Abinox and Abinox II too, and look out for an announcement on physical copies soon...

"lpower began the Abinox series in 2012 as an experiment in creating a work that crystallised all of his favourite aspects from old video game soundtracks. Abinox II a year later was the progression of this idea, adding more instruments and dealing with lengthier compositions, and Abinox III is now the logical conclusion in this epic trilogy. The tracks are even longer, and at 30 minutes each they represent quite an achievement in composition and narrative. The orchestra of nostalgic sounds has been beefed up even further, spanning a multitude of synths and sound chips too numerous to mention. Seamlessly shifting gears and emotions for its hour-long running time while taking the listener on a tour of sumptuous sounds from years gone by, Abinox III is a truly impressive feat."

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