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Covered in slime

The music keeps on coming, and this time we're hitting you with a big summer chiptune release, the totally rad Vacation Wasteland EP by Slime Girls!

"Bright blue pixellated waves lap against the pink sand as you quench your thirst on an ice cold cocktail. Over the gentle lull of the tide, you can hear the warm sounds of surf, ska, reggae and chip. You watch the musical notes float by. Slime Girls are playing in the distance and their debut EP is the chiptune soundtrack to your summer."

PTE037 release page

And you can grab one of a limited run of cassettes of this EP over at the Slime Girls Bandcamp page for only $5!

Gate And Glitch by Starpilot

Two releases in one week? What's going on?? As the summer draws closer, Pterodactyl Squad is hitting a period of high activity, and next up is a brand new album from Canadian artist, Starpilot!

"Gate And Glitch may start out innocently enough, but by the end of the trip you'll feel like you've been swallowed whole and spat back out by an angry black hole. Glitchy sounds shoot by like stars past your windshield, each one unique and intriguing. Stuffed to bursting point with SID, Game Boy and other chip and synth sounds, Gate And Glitch is one trip you might never recover from."

PTE036 release page

Go g-g-g-get it now!
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