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It's All In The Reflexes - A John Carpenter Tribute

Yeah, it's been a while since we released anything blah blah blah...  We've been working away through the winter months and now we're back with a rad tribute album: It's All In The Reflexes - A John Carpenter Tribute!

"Budgetary limitations faced by John Carpenter at the dawn of his career forced him to take to his synthesizer collection and create his own visionary lo-fi scores for his movies. Pioneering video game music composers were similarly restricted by primitive sound chips and as a result, tiny magical sounds were forced into existence. How minimal can minimal get? At Pterodactyl Squad HQ we decided to find out by marrying the greatest hits of John Carpenter with the style and hardware of vintage video game systems. It's all about doing much with not much. It's all in the creativity. It's all in the imagination. It's all in the reflexes."

PTE034 release page

This one features the musical talents of R-Sunset, Comptroller, seal of quality, Videogame Orchestra, EvilWezil, Videovalvontaa, Lorenzo Music, OxygenStar, SLAW, arcadecoma. and Shrimps and is, as usual, free to grab.

Now that this tribute is out of the way we have a flood of tubular releases coming your way. Stay tuned to the Squad for more totally flash music. Soon! Keep in touch at our Facebook and Twitter pages bro!
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