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Lawrence Power joins the Squad

Pterodactyl Squad's second soundtrack release is brought to us all the way from Berlin by Lawrence Power. Check out the super-fun Tropicalesque as well as Lawrence's artist page for all his vital information.

"Lawrence Power's first release on Pterodactyl Squad is Tropicalesque, an exotic, feel-good soundtrack in the key of 2A03. Originally inspired by StarTropics for the NES, Tropicalesque sees you venture along beaches, over mountains and through caves in pursuit of your final goal. Full of excitement, discovery and catchy melodies, make sure you don't miss the boat on this one!"

New Spheres of Chaos release

It's been a while in the making, but the new Spheres of Chaos EP Stratospheria is now available here at Pterodactyl Squad.

"Embark on a new quest in Stratospheria, the second release from video game rock band Spheres of Chaos. Set off at the breakneck speed of Twilight To Midnight, before moving into the brooding saga of The Citadel; then marvel at the power of the Megafauna, before voyaging upward in Skyward. Spanning styles and sentiments, a journey of adventure, imagination and story-telling awaits."
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