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Calgary Tower EP by arcadecoma.

Check out PTE011, an EP from arcadecoma. written entirely using the Trippy H music program on the Game Boy Camera.

"Trippy H is a mysterious thing, it makes one Game Boy bleep and another Game Boy sing. This wee EP is intended as a celebration of the inherent limitations of the hidden mini music sequencer of the Game Boy Camera cartridge. It was recorded over two days using two cameras, and the simple melodies were inspired by the hypnotically cyclical soundtracks to early cassette-based computer games. Bop along wearing your best DJ face for maximum enjoyment!"

Calgary Tower EP release page


Z. of Hipster, please! recently played something from Pterodactyl Squad on both of his podcasts: He finished off episode 49 of Radio Free Hipster with Skyward by Spheres of Chaos, and then played Bit Bot by Skip on episode 11 of the GeekDad HipTrax podcast. Check them both out!

Also, look out for a brand new release from arcadecoma. sometime soon...
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